• Melissa

Book Club Book Review: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

I indulged myself in this absolute dynamite of read, devouring the whole book in just a couple of days. Queenie is a force of nature; empowering, authentic, painful, honest and completely laugh out loud funny. Queenie is a perfectly flawed, relatable character, who’s journey is a complete rollercoaster, a complete mess, yet I rooted for her from the very first page.

The novel by Carty-Williams is complex, so nuanced, exploring mental health, female sexuality and the uncomfortably familiar racism that is dredged into every corner of the world we live in. This book has opened my eyes. It is heartwarming, and heart-breaking, yet is is everything.

I encourage everyone to read this book. Queenie will open your mind and push you to keep learning and to keep the conversation flowing way after the last page is uttered. #LetsTalkAboutQueenie

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