• Melissa

Book Club Book Review: The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary

After a busy week, I left my book club reading to the last minute, however, that didn’t matter because I devoured this book in a matter of hours. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

The Flat Share follows the lives of two new flat mates, Tiffy & Leon; I laughed hysterically, cried with happiness and felt so invested in this story, I never wanted it to end! I hold both characters in such high regard, Tiffy is a force of nature, even if at times she doesn’t know it - I bet we can all see ourselves in Tiffy at stages! Leon is far from your average hunk in your normal “girl meets boy” storyline: he is such a cleverly crafted character - I wish I could have a conversation with him!

In conversation with my friend and fellow blogger, Abi, we both agree that we wish we could meet both Tiffy and Leon in real life!

“After having an “oh shit” moment of “This is not the book my friend recommend me. I think I’ve just wasted my money” I realised I could not have been more wrong. I adored this book and demolished it in a couple of days.

O’Leary’s characters are so charming in their own authentic way, which just made me adore them... especially Tiffy and Leon. I wish they were real human-beings I could meet; they made me both cry and laugh, particularly at their interactions through post-it notes because of course they haven’t even met at the beginning of the book.

Love love loved it! This book was the feel good book I needed to help me through lockdown, I just wish it lasted me longer than a couple of days!”

There are so many moments of real poignancy; Leon and Tiffy’s lives were crocheted together like a fairytale yet this book still kept its feet on the ground, firmly planted in real life. I need a sequel to this magical book!

You can check out Abi’s blog here! Make sure to stick around for next weeks Book Club! Next week’s Title is Pretending by Holly Bourne 🦋

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